Balunu Programs

"Healing our children, strengthening our Culture,
ensuring our Future"


The Balunu Foundation’s healing and therapeutic programs provide hope for Indigenous youth and families by targeting the cycle of disadvantage.  Our programs cover health, education, life skills, training, and employment, and maintain a strong emphasis on emotional well-being.


Identity is most critical in strengthening the youth's sense of self-belief and self worth. The therapeutic aspects of our program help instill a greater emotional balance in participants, which plays an important role in helping the youth make stronger and wiser life choices. We currently operate a six-day healing camp and accommodate up to ten participants per camp program.


Balunu seeks to extend existing program delivery to remote and regional areas and expand program delivery to include specific projects targeting mental health, substance misuse, education, training & employment, suicide prevention and healthy families.


Remote Community Programs

Under the Federal Governments IAS funding program, the Balunu Foundation will begin to deliver youth and family support services to remote and regional communities in the Northern Territory commencing in July 2015. This will include the following regions: Arnhem Land, Barkly Region and Central Australia and the Greater Darwin region.


Target Group

This project will provide prevention and early intervention services to assist families and communities restore cultural well-being, rebuild family units, promote healing and develop life-skills to deal with unresolved personal and intergenerational family trauma.


Gap In Services

There are very limited culturally-appropriate intervention services available in remote/very remote communities in the NT to assist families and communities understand the cycle of intergenerational trauma, and the life-long impact it can have on the physical, emotional, mental and intellectual development of children.


Without developing the necessary life-skills to cope with these issues, many children, youth and adults turn to self-destructive behaviours which limits their capacity to participate fully in society.  While there has been investment in community infrastructure in remote Indigenous communities in the NT over the past three decades, investment in addressing the trauma and healing needs of the children, young people and families has been extremely limited.


Balunu aims to fill this gap and provide much needed support to the children and families. It is our view that through strengthening the family we provide hope for the children and assist in the rebuilding of positive cycles of empowerment for the future generations.