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Our Partners

Strategic Alliances

Australian Government
Mental Health and Social & Emotional Well Being (OATSIH)
Balunu is in dialogue with OATSIH with respect to a possible co-funding arrangement with the NT Department of Health & Families under OATSIH’s Mental Health and Social &Emotional Well Being program. Balunu has provided OATSIH with a proposal for co-funding of its program commencing from the 2010-2011 financial year.

Family and Health & Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)
Balunu has been provided ‘Gap’ funding from FaHCSIA to deliver the core indigenous youth healing program. Balunu is in dialogue with FaHCSIA with respect to a further co-funding arrangement with the NT Department of Health & Families to support the employment of a Finance and Administration manager and other core staff.

NT Early Intervention Pilot Program (NTEIPP)
Funded by DoHA, this new program will develop new initiatives that give Police discretionary options for early intervention to support young people and their families with regard to alcohol and particularly binge drinking issues.

Building on existing Government and non Government youth justice initiatives NTEIPP aims to support and enhance existing programs and services including counselling services, referral, education, sport and recreation programs which address the issue of underage drinking.

Northern Territory Government
NT Government Department of Health & Families (NTDHF)
The NT Families and Children division of the Department of Health and Families focuses on all areas relating to families and has taken on responsibility for the Youth Justice Strategy from the NT Department of Justice.

NT Government Youth Justice Strategy
The Youth Justice Strategy is a Northern Territory Government framework for working with young people (up to 18 years old) who are involved in anti-social, criminal or disruptive behaviour in the Northern Territory. Young people are encouraged to seek different activities and pathways through youth camps and diversion, while parents are encouraged to increase their parenting skills and confidence and seek appropriate support services. The Youth Justice Strategy includes the funding of Family Support Centres that provide facilitation of services provided by external NGO service providers and the funding of Youth Rehabilitation Camps, delivered by external NGO service providers Balunu, Brahminy & Tangentyere Council (see below).

Non Government Organisations (NGOs)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation (ATSIHF)
Balunu has lodged a submission to the National Healing Foundation for a three year family healing project aimed at healing the children of the stolen generation (the forgotten generation) and their children (the lost generation). This project will enable Balunu to provide a holistic healing program to all generations of the families affected by the trauma that they have experienced in their lives and provide early intervention to children that are too young to participate in the youth healing camps.

Menzies School of Health Research (MSHR)
Balunu has had assistance from MSHR with developing evaluation methodologies and reporting. Refer to ‘Balunu Foundation Program Evaluation’ below.

Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (CRCAH)
Balunu has had assistance from CRCAH with developing evaluation methodologies and reporting. Refer to ‘Balunu Foundation Evaluation’ below.

Australian Red Cross
Remote Regional Youth Network
This program seeks to improve the wellbeing of young people between the ages of 12-18 by increasing the number of positive activities available. Working with the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Red Cross is the lead organisation for youth in the Victoria/Daly and West Arnhem Shires.

Mission Australia
Youth Beat
Youth Beat provides a Youth Outreach Service to young people in the northern suburbs of Darwin, Katherine and the surrounding areas, who are on the streets at night. The service engages and connects with young people with the purpose of building relationships, providing information and referrals, and responding to crises.

NT Integrated Youth Services (Remote)
NT Integrated Youth Services provides an activity and diversionary educational based program to four remote aboriginal communities (Aputula / Finke, Imanpa, Mutitjulu and Docker River / Kaltukatjara) in the Southern region of the Northern Territory.

Danila Dilba Health Service
Emotional / Social Well Being Centre
Funded by OATSIH, the aim of the Centre is to provide high quality, professional and culturally appropriate counselling services to the Indigenous community of the Yilli Rreung Region.
Danila Dilba works closely with the Balunu Foundation in their pre camp medical screening process of youth camp participants as well as providing qualified counsellors to attend the camps.

Youth Service
The Danila Dilba Youth Service features programs that cater to the needs of a young Indigenous community. The service is based in Palmerston and plays a key role in addressing local youth issues.