Rebuilding strong proud people, by breaking the cycle.
The Balunu Foundation (Balunu) is an indigenous owned and operated, not for profit, registered charity based in Darwin in the Northern Territory. Balunu's vision is to break the cycle of indigenous disadvantage by targeting the youth of this generation and reconnecting them to their true identity, dealing with the underlying issues they face and equipping them with the necessary tools to make strong choices. Balunu strives to increase the self-esteem, confidence and emotional and spiritual wellbeing of indigenous youth to assist them to become strong, balanced individuals who will create strong families and positive pathways for future generations.
Help heal a child: for $50 you can connect them to their true identity and provide a child with hope.

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There should be no guilt, shame or blame placed upon non Indigenous Australians for the past injustices that have lead to the suffering we face today. We all own the now and it is our collective actions today which will determine our tomorrow. Walk with us.
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